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“I actually didn’t think marijuana was going to be good for me. Then Honest Herb came through and helped me find several different products that really improve my quality of life. Thank you SO MUCH!”

Judy C. (San Francisco, CA)

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People we’ve recently helped

Susan is a runner but has recently been struggling with chronic pain. She wanted to find a cannabis product that would help her manage pain but would keep her clear headed and focused.

Here’s a Fact You’ll Hate (and a great solution!)

If you started right now and tried a new cannabis product every day, it would cost you

9 Years  $10,000+

and too many undesirable experiences before you discover which cannabis products are the best for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see the answers you are looking for, you can email us:

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How do you make cannabis recommendations?

This service is completely data driven. We have millions of data points and information about the products and strains on the market, and where they are available for purchase, so we can find the best products that meet your needs and can be purchased nearby.

Will my preferences and account stay private?

We take privacy very seriously, and use all the best practices. You can read about our dedication to protecting your privacy in our privacy policy link below.

Marijuana is not legal where I live. Can I use this service?

Yes, our service provides information about marijuana use. We hope that your state will legalize marijuana soon, but in the meantime, you are welcome to inquire about recreational or medicinal marijuana use. We don’t sell marijuana. We provide information, expertise and resources. We search up to 50 miles from the zip code you enter, but if there isn’t an appropriate product available near you, we’ll let you know.

Can I use Honest Herb without creating an account?

You can. There are benefits to creating an account, because you can save and revisit products that you like, but even without an account, we provide helpful, informative product and strain information based on your preferences and needs.

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Does Honest Herb suggest products or just strains?

We consider all known products and strains that are available within your area and suggest the ones that seem most likely to match what you are looking for out of cannabis, based on product and strain attributes, data, and your preferences.

Can I use Honest Herb within a specific dispensary?

If a dispensary uses Honest Herb to help their customers and patients pick the best products from their inventory, than yes. Look for our logo or inquire about Honest Herb in any dispensary.

Can I make money promoting Honest Herb?

Yes! Please reach out to us at: to inquire about sales, partnership and affiliate opportunities. We’re always looking for great people to help us help others. If you have a passion for helping people find their best cannabis options, have healthcare industry experience and connections, have dispensary or brand connections, or a drive to help us grow, we’d love to talk.

Can you help me purchase marijuana?

We don’t sell marijuana, but we can help you find resources that will help you, and we can help you learn the best ways to purchase it. We can guide you in finding a dispensary or delivery service near you, or help you to locate specific strains or products you want.